Why buy someone else's home when you can buy

a BRAND NEW home for the same price?

Not only is it still a great time to buy a home, but it is a great time to buy a NEW home.  You wouldn’t buy an existing home without Realtor®  representation and you shouldn’t buy a NEW home without a Realtor® representing your interests.  The agents for the builder are SELLERS agents and their job depends on getting the best deal for the SELLER.  Our job is to represent you as your BUYERS agent, representing your side of the transaction and making sure you are not only aware of your options, but that you get the best deal possible! 

Our services are FREE to you as the buyer. Are you considering new home construction? Call us BEFORE you visit ANY New Home Sales Office for Buyer Representation at NO COST to you.  In Arizona, builders require that your Realtor® accompany you on your First visit, so please call us before you begin your search. We have knowledge of ALL New subdivisions as they open and can save you time and money showing you only the communities that meet your desired requirements and negotiating the best incentives possible. 

Why should you buy a NEW home?


Peace of Mind:  No multiple bids, no counter offers, no missed opportunities, no sleepness nights wondering if you are going to be able to buy the home you want.  Once you select your new dream home we will reserve it for you.  Even if you elect to build, once you select the lot, we’ll be able to lock in the current price for you.


No Surprises:  When you purchase someone else’s home, you may find someone else’s problems. A new home will not require the upkeep that an older home will.  All NEW homes come with workmanship, material and structural warranties protecting you from defects and large out-of-pocket expenses after purchasing.  Your builder covers everything during the first 12 months and many items have multiple year warranties.


Energy Savings:  NEW homes are built much more energy efficient than homes that were built five to ten years ago.  New Building Codes require much more stringent building methods to help you save money on your monthly energy usage and expenses and provide you with a much more comfortable home.


Competitive Pricing::  New homebuilders must compete for your business. We are often able to negotiate financial incentives and/or included features that are usually not available in the resale market.  Obtaining financing when purchasing a home can be tiresome and stressful. We can help simplify the process with the builders in-house or preferred lenders who will work with us to make sure your dream home is obtainable.   


Flexible Timing:  We can find you homes that meet your schedule.  Generally, homes can be built from scratch in about six months which allows you to choose all structural and interior options.  If you need one sooner, we can find you a move in ready home, or one that may be a few months out that might still allow you to select interior options.   


Advanced Technology & Design:  Retrofitting an older home for some of today’s technology can be costly and time consuming. Heating and cooling, wiring, appliances and windows are just a few features in homes today that have improved greatly. Interior design has changed too, with NEW homes you get all the latest architectural benefits, like higher ceilings, open floor plans, modern kitchens and baths and more closet space.  With NEW you’ll get the latest in technology and design.



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